Pentatonic guitars has a very heavy focus on instrument repair work. From a basic set up to the most difficult repair or period correct vintage restoration work, we do it all. When the other guy can’t address your repair issues, whether an amplifier or stringed instrument, bring it to us. We stand behind each and every repair.


Our new private guitar repair shop is fully equipped with state of the art equipment to handle any repair or custom job. We now have our own CNC router as well, allowing new possibilities.

Guitar and stringed instrument repairs by Farhad Soheili (Scroll down for amp repairs). Our expert luthier has been restoring, repairing and modifying all types of stringed instruments for more than a decade and is already considered among the best in the business. His work is amazing. In addition to his repair work he is currently building custom guitars out of raw materials.


    Instrument Repair Rates

General bench fee…$35

Restring guitar or bass…$35
add $10 for Classical/Nylon string, Floyd rose systems or 12 string guitars.


6 string guitar, 4 string bass…$85

12 string guitar…add $15

Floyd rose bridge… add $25

– “Rush jobs” are available on setups and many repairs for $35 extra (typically ready within 2-3 days after drop off)

– Same day service (setups only) is available for an additional $50 on setup rate. By appointment only. To check availability please first call 347-599-2576

Nut & Saddle work

New plastic String Nut pre shaped – will be filed and slotted for final fit…$75 plus part

Bone string nut from scratch, 6 string…$100

Bone string nut from scratch, 12 string…$135

New acoustic compensated saddle pre shaped (plastic or bone) – will be filed and compensated for intonation and final fit…$65

Bone saddle from scratch…$90

Fret work

Fret Level, Crown, Dress aka “Grind & Polish” full neck…$180 – includes basic setup.

Partial leveling, starting at…$75

Polish and dress frets to high shine, smooth and bevel rough fret edges (no leveling)…$70

Re-fret rosewood/ebony board, no binding…$435
Re-fret Maple board or neck with binding…$485
Re-fret Rickenbacker…$485

Partial re-frets are also available, priced per project.

– Fret leveling/refret work in the “Erlewine Neck Jig” option is available for an additional rate of $50 on top of above prices. This is the jig we use, it’s extremely accurate:


Rewire/replace pots…$40 each plus parts

Rewire/replace switch…$40 each plus switch

Rewire/Replace jack…$25 plus jack

Replace pickups…$45-85

Full rewires…$90-$185 depending on guitar, plus parts

*add $20 to all ES-335 or F-Hole type bodies

Acoustic guitar pickup installation…$50-100 (some under saddle pickups require setup work included in $100 range).


Acoustic bridge lift re-glue (partial)…$65

Acoustic bridge lift re-glue full removal and reset…starting at $160

Acoustic Bridge leveling/saddle adjustment…$90

Acoustic guitar bridge replacement (factory pre made bridge)…$120 plus bridge.

Acoustic guitar bridge replacement / copy (handmade from scratch)…starting at $350

Crack repair…starting at $40

Bracing repair / replacement…starting at $50

Bridge plate replacement…starting at $350+

Bridge plate repairs…starting at $60

Binding repair / replacement…starting at $60

Broken headstock repair…$100+ depending on severity and cosmetic finish touch up options.

Finish restoration, buffing, drop fills, and touch ups…starting at $75

Acoustic guitar neck reset, neck is steam removed and heel angle is reset for better action. Includes full setup/fret work…starting at $750 (deposit required)

* Major restoration type work on vintage acoustic instruments is priced per project based on $85/hourly rate.


We now offer custom CNC Milling of instrument repair related projects starting at $100 for machine setup and tooling if you provide your own CAD files. We can refer you to an expert CAD designer if you need complex 3d designs, such as custom guitar necks, etc. Larger parts such as guitar Necks and Bodies
are $180 per project for tooling + any materials such as lumber.

Bass or Guitar, fretted to fret less conversion…$260+ (depending on cosmetic options)
-Frets are removed, fingerboard is planed and radius set, empty fret slots are filled with plastic binding or wood veneer flush against the fingerboard.
(includes full set up)

Replace tuners…$45-60+

Install Bigsby vibrato system…$65 + setup

*Many more custom modifications available, please inquire.

(All prices listed are for quotation purposes only. Prices may change upon review of instrument and do not include any additional parts that may be necessary. All costs and details are approved by client before work is started.)

Amplifier Repair and Mods (Tube and Solid State)
Effects Pedals mods and repairs.
Custom made to order, top quality tube amps and higher end effects pedals.

We are proud to have who we believe is the absolute best amp repair tech in NYC. The Doc has military training in tube amps (including tube based radar systems) and it shows in his ethics. Being an avid gear fanatic, who knows most any amp inside and out, our tech is simply the go to guy in the area. Turnaround is typically only 7-10 days depending when it’s dropped off (he picks up Saturday mornings).

* Please call us before you bring in any odd-ball or extra large equipment in for repair. We do not typically service keyboards, PA, turntables or home stereo equipment.

* Please call us before you bring in any odd-ball or extra large equipment in for repair. We do not typically service keyboards, PA, turntables or home stereo equipment.