From basic set up work to more difficult repairs, we do it all. Whether an amplifier or stringed instrument, we stand by each repair (scroll down down for amp & pedal repairs).

    Instrument Repair Rates

General bench fee…$35


6 string guitar, 4 string bass…$80

12 string guitar…add $15

Floyd rose bridge…add $25

– “Rush jobs” are available on setups and many repairs for $35 extra (typically ready within 2-3 days after drop off)


Rewire/Replace jack…$25 plus jack

Replace pickups…$50-85

Full rewires…$90-$175 depending on guitar, plus

Amplifier Repair and Mods (Tube and Solid State)
Effects Pedals mods and repairs.
Custom made to order, top quality tube amps and higher end effects pedals.

We are proud to have who we believe is the absolute best amp repair tech in NYC. The Doc has military training in tube amps (including tube based radar systems) and it shows in his ethics. Being an avid gear fanatic, who knows most any amp inside and out, our tech is simply the go to guy in the area. Turn around time is 7 to 10 business days. Rush service is available (he picks up Saturday mornings).

* Please call us before you bring in any odd-ball or extra large equipment in for repair. We do not typically service keyboards, PA, turntables or home stereo equipment.